With Summer well under way, we’re finally able to fling open the patio doors and spend more time in our gardens!

And, just the same as trending styles inside our home, what’s in vogue outside the home is also constantly changing.  So what are the big trends and most wanted garden gadgets for this summer? Let’s take a look:-

Naturalistic planting 

While the formality of perfectly manicured lawns and borders remains a classic garden style, one of the big trends that growing in popularity is naturalistic planting.

A naturalistic garden is a multipurpose space that nurtures local biodiversity, including bees and other insects, and will grow to be self-seeding and spread naturally as if it were in the wild.

A good place to start is by planting wildflowers and bringing in some perennial shrubs and plants that provide different textures and shapes. Remember naturalistic planting evolves and so, while some trimming back will be required, enjoy letting the garden grow as nature intended.

Bringing the inside out

The traditional garden patio has evolved to become more than a slabbed area for your outside furniture.  Notably since the pandemic, where we couldn’t stray far from our homes, many of us have been treating our gardens as an extension of the interior.

Pergolas that create cooler, shaded seating areas, and outdoor cooking spaces that include pizza ovens and al-fresco refrigerators are a big trend at the moment

The return of the garden sculpture is also a style statement on the rise, with large pieces being used to create focal points within gardens in the same way as a painting or photograph might be hung on the wall inside.

So what about the gadgets?

We’ve already mentioned the popularity of the outdoor kitchen (check out some of the stunning creations by The Outdoor Kitchen Collective) but what other innovative items are trending at the moment?

Mow Your Meadow

Husqvarna have an incredible range of AutoMowers that work at night and even when it rains to keep your lawn looking perfectly manicured.

Movie Nights

Create your very own al-fresco cinema with this 20ft inflatable projector screen. If you don’t fancy the faff of setting up your movie experience, suppliers like The Silent Disco Company can do the hard work for you, and as you’ve probably gathered from the name, cinematic experiences aren’t the only thing this company offers!

Music Is the Answer

Whether you’re looking for some soothing background music when you’re relaxing in the garden, or enjoying a full on garden gathering with your friends and family, this Bang & Olufson Bluetooth speaker has got your musical wishes covered.

Fire Starter

Although not necessarily needed on a hot summers evening, a centrally placed fire pit will extend your outdoor entertaining opportunities through to the Autumn, and maybe even beyond.  This stunning droplet shaped fire pit fuses art and warmth with its eye-catching curved design.

If you’re looking to upgrade your garden experience this year, the team at Aston Knowles would be delighted to help get you moving. We offer a free no-obligation valuation for your home, and if you choose us as your agent you can be sure of the best service possible as we tailor our approach to meet your specific needs.

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