Updated: November 2020

Compliance with the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008

The latest guidance specifically addresses the issue of transparency of fees, including referral fees, within the Estate Agency sector.

An Estate Agent should disclose in plain terms

  1. The price for its services, including any ‘’compulsory’’ extras; and
  2. Where a referral arrangement exists, that it exists and with whom; and
  3. Where a transaction-specific referral fee is to be paid, its amount; and
  4. Where a referral retainer exists, an estimate of the annual value of that retainer to the Estate Agent or its value per transaction; and
  5. Where the referral is rewarded other than by payment, an assessment of the annual value of the reward or the value of the reward per
Aston Knowles refer business external companies and to this end a full disclosure is set out below.

Mortgage/Financial Services

Aston Knowles refer clients to the services of Kind Financial Services and receive a referral fee per client upon successfully placing the business.

Surveys, RICS Homebuyer Reports, Red Book Valuations, Inheritance Tax Valuations, Capital Gains Tax Valuations, Help-to-Buy Valuations & Shared Ownership/Shared Equity Valuations Aston Knowles refer clients to the services of Marwood Surveyors and Anderson Professional Services Chartered Surveyors and typically receive a referral fee from them.

*All clients have the option to deal with any of the above companies or seek alternative providers of these services.

*Clients are defined as people who have instructed Aston Knowles to sell their property or people who are buying a property through Aston Knowles.

*All figures quoted above are exclusive of VAT.